At dalia, in addition to our retail selection, we offer a wide range of professional jewelry services, including custom personal designing of new pieces, enhancing existing pieces with a full range of precious and semi precious options, and repairs. We also have a wholesale department if you are interested in carrying dalia jewelry in your own store.


Custom Jewelry Design ~ We will sit down with you and help you discover what you've been dreaming of in a piece of jewelry. It's a clean slate, let's create something extraordinary!



We also love taking a piece that you love - one that may have sentimental value, like a wedding ring - but that you just don't wear anymore, and turning it into something brand new. Using your diamonds, and even your metal where possible, together we can create something that you'll never want to take off again!


And if you're a first time buyer - looking for an engagement ring, or an anniversary present, we can help you find the perfect diamond.  Buying a diamond can be overwhelming by yourself, so our professional buyer will help you every step of the way.